Frequently Asked Questions







How do I know my pet will be well looked after?

Our K9Mums are animal loving individuals, carefully selected personally by us.  Your pets become part of their family while on vacation with them and receive all the love, attention and security that they are used to, and no doubt expect!

They will be loved, played with, walked (if requested) and their daily routine in your home, will be continued in their K9Mum’s home. They will sleep where they are used to sleeping and will be fed at the times specified by you. Our K9Mums do their utmost to ensure that your pet has a happy holiday filled with lots of TLC.

After all, they are a special member of your family and they deserve to be treated as such.

Is there any chance of my pet escaping?

We have been in business since 1994 and have not yet lost a pet.  Neither do we intend to!  All our K9Mums are hand-picked & carefully selected in order to ensure all proceeds as smoothly as possible.  We personally go and meet them, interview them and inspect their premises with a fine toothcomb – just to make sure there is absolutely no chance of a small dog escaping through a tiny hole for example.  We have 100% peace of mind with all our K9Mums.

However, as you will get a chance to meet the K9 Mum before the booking takes place, you will have the chance to examine the property yourself.

What if my pet gets sick?

Your pet will immediately be taken to the nearest vet.  The application forms that you would complete when booking include details about your family vet.  This we will pass on to the vet to whom your pet is taken so that they can communicate should the need arise.  (Taking your pet to your family vet will only be possible if the distance is not too great).

Since 1994 we have only had 2 occasions in which pets needed veterinary care, one when the visiting dog ate a bar of soap (the owners did inform us that their pet ate the most unusual things!) and secondly when we were looking after a 17 year old Maltese Poodle who decided to quietly begin his journey to Doggie Heaven.

Please note: Should your pet need veterinary attention, all costs will be for your account.

I travel regularly.  Could my pet be sent to the same K9Mum each time?

We actually make a point of doing this as it goes a long way towards your pet’s happiness and comfort.  However, this is completely dependent upon you.  The sooner you book with us, the higher the chances that your pet could be sent to the same K9Mum.

What if my travel arrangements are cancelled?

In this case, the 50% deposit will not be refundable.  So please, only book with us if you are absolutely sure of your travel plans and dates.

Do you look after cats as well?

Not at this point in time.

What are the rates?

(Please note:  Rates are per DAY not per NIGHT) – So for example if you book from Friday (drop off) to Sunday (collection) that equates to 3 days.)

R95.00 per day for one dog.

R90.00 per day per dog if two from one family.

R85.00 per day per dog if three from one family.

(Food is not included so your furkid/s will need to bring his/her own foodies.  Whatever is left over will of course go home with you.  We also prefer that you bring your dog’s own bed, blanket, cushions etc. as well as all his or her toys.  This goes a long way toward helping them to settle in that much faster. :) )

Please note: 

**We can only accept dogs that are sterilized (unless too young) and that are well socialized with other dogs.

**Our rates remain the same throughout the year.  We do not increase rates for the festive season/peak periods etc.

**10% of all bookings will be donated to an animal rescue/welfare organisation of your choice unless you found us on a specific animal welfare/rescue organisation Facebook page. If so, please let us know which page that is as they are then entitled to the 10% donation.