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A warm welcome to you!  No doubt you have stopped by this page because you have a passion for dogs? If so, we look forward to the possibility of welcoming you onto our team.

You will find as you work with us, that we are people who have high morals and values. It is the key to our success. We have learned that honesty and integrity go a long long way.


What Is Our Service All About?

The service we offer is a home-away-from-home facility for ‘dogs on holiday’. This specialized service is specifically for those dogs who would simply not survive at the kennels. We fill that gap by offering personal holiday homes for “pampered pooches.”

That said, should you join our team, any dogs that come to you would need to fit in perfectly with your household and any pets you may have. It is imperative to us that our K9 Mums are always happy!! For example, if you have cats, non cat friendly dogs would not even be considered for your home. All of this is however determined via application forms from the prospective 4 legged client as well as a pre visit – i.e. you will get to meet the dog BEFORE you accept the booking.


What does becoming a K9 Mum involve? 

The following is non-negotiable …

• you need to have a sincere love for dogs;

• you need to have secure enclosed grounds; A fully secure walled in/enclosed garden/yard of average size which has been checked and double checked with a fine toothcomb for any possible means of escape.

• any dogs you may have need to be well socialized with other dogs and sterilized;

• you need to have email and whats app facilities;

• you need to be home based i.e. either a housewife and/or already working from home.

• if you have a swimming pool we would need to know that there is absolutely NO WAY any 4-legged client would be able to access it.


How it works…

Depending on the above, this is just briefly how we operate:

• We would contact you to advise you of a possible booking.

• If you like the sound of the dog we would send you the dog’s application form. This would tell you pretty much all you need to know about that particular dog.

• If you are happy with what you have read we will then ask the client to contact you to arrange the pre visit. If during the pre visit you feel that that particular dog will not be a good fit for your household, rather say so. It is imperative that the dogs that come to you fit in with you, your household and any pets you may have. (We only allow 4 dogs per home at any one time).

• Thereafter, if you are happy with committing to caring for that dog and if the client is also happy we then go ahead with the booking. Further information will then be provided.

• Dogs arrive with their own food, baskets, blankets, treats, toys etc. All boosters are also up to date. Flea protection and de-worming is ensured before arrival at your home.

• Bottom line – there are no expenses on your part. All you have to offer is love and security.

There is a lot more that goes into this – the above is just a summary for now.


Benefits to you

• Opportunity to bring in extra income, while working from the comfort of

your own home and doing something you love;

• If you have an only dog, a visitor now and again would be nice company.

• Allows you to follow any other part-time home based opportunities

without being tied to strict schedules etc.;

• Provides you with an opportunity to meet other animal lovers;

• A part-time position that is entirely flexible. You do not have to accept

every enquiry that comes your way;

• A form of part-time employment that is highly rewarding and satisfying;

• A chance to receive and enjoy the unconditional love and companionship

of a dog should you not have any of your own.


Our Mission Statement ….

• To provide a loving and safe holiday home for dogs on holiday.

• To always respect every dog’s individual needs and to at all times adhere to the instructions given to us by the dog’s owner in as far as their dog’s personal needs are concerned.

• To at all times ensure that our K9 Mums are people who are 100% dedicated to the emotional and physical well being of each dog placed in their care.

• To offer the best service and customer care to all our clients, whether they have 2 legs or 4.


Contact Us

If you would like more information and or would like to join our team please email us for an application form at [email protected] – We look forward to hearing from you.  :)