Our K9 Mums



Montana, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Gauteng – Zanmari








A little about myself: I have always had a passion and love for animals especially dogs, I first got involved in animal rescue when I adopted a chow cross pup(in pictures) from the local SPCA who was left alongside the road along with her two brothers. The sad caged faces of all the animals touched me so much that I started volunteering in my free time and  I then started working with an organisation called dogs4homes where neglected animals are fostered in family homes until a new permanent family is found. I am very passionate about rescue work.

I would like to tell any prospective clients that should you decide to make use of my services that all your four legged children will be treated as one of the family, I do not believe in caging so all animals have free run of the property as well as inside the house, each getting their own bed to sleep in. Rest assured that when you need to leave your animal for whatever reason he or she will have all the love attention and playtime they are used to from their owners and a few new friends to play with during their holiday at my home.  Hope to see you and your furry children soon!!!

Somerset West – Michele

Greetings !!  A bit about me – I don’t have any dogs of my own at the moment, only 3 cats who are all dog friendly and who have learnt, over time, to stop if chased.  They are quite used to dogs coming and going but all in all would prefer semi cat friendly dogs as opposed to non cat friendly dogs.   :)

I currently offer servcies for small dogs who are sterilized and who are well socialised with other dogs.   I do however welcome large dogs if they are late into their senior years and just like to sleep all day.   I take all my K9 clients out twice a day for a half hour walk (or longer if requested).  I also work from home so all K9′s booked in with me get loads of attention, love and cuddles throughout the day, even sitting on my lap if necessary while I work.  :)   Please free to email me for more info if you feel that your furkid would benefit from what I have to offer.  :)   My felines and I look most forward to meeting you and your furkids.  :)

Cape Town – Yvonne

Well hello there!  My name is Chico.  I am an only child although my Mom has just offered a new baby a home, namely Sheba. No matter, I know that no-one can take my place in my Mom’s heart.  Anyway, just to let you know, my Mom has looked after quite a number of doggies already. Most of them were well behaved and gave me no trouble. The odd 2 or 3 who thought it was fun to chase me soon learnt that it is no fun chasing a cat like me who is clever enough not too run.  I take all these doggy visitors in my stride.  As said before, I know my place.  However, I have told my Mom, “no more than 2 dogs at any one time please!”  We stay in a ground floor flat type set up and we have our own private garden, well secured and enclosed.  Naturally, when there are dogs about I have to be careful as to when I go out for my daily you know what.  Sheba too seems to be quite ok with everything around her so all in all, things do work out quite well.  My Mom loves looking after small dogs and she loves to spoil them the way she spoils me, with lots of love and attention.

Cape Town – Charmaine

Hi :o ).  I have two dogs, two cats & two kids :o ).  Mia is my big black beauty but under that she is a cuddly little lamb.  Snowy is a small/medium size dog with the cutest under bite!  He is the Man! And Mia is his dame.  (They have both been ‘done’)  They enjoy the furry friends that come to visit and are excited to meet them.  Tom is our big ginger male cat, at 5 months, he is the size of a fully grown cat!  He is a real dosey love bug.  He does not mind the dogs much.  ‘Gorgeous’ is a female 5 month old cat and she has all the brains!  She has a look, that intimidates & she is usually ‘up-high’ when there are dogs about. (If you ever watched ‘Pinkie & The Brain’ – she is – The Brain).

My daughter is 15 and my son is 19 yrs old.  Our garden runs all around our house and is a fair size.  We all love having our ‘visitors’.. sometimes they sleep with my daughter in her bed (if this is what they are used to) and she loves it.  We are an animal loving family.  My son will often say he wonders what people will think if they hear us talking to the pets the way we do.

I work from home and so am home most mornings and then in and out as a ‘mom’s-taxi’ in the afternoons.

If you are trying to decide between a kennel or K9 Mums, think no further.  A better option u will not find.  A home away from home with all your furry child’s needs being met with lots and lots of love and cuddles.

Suzanne – Cape Town

Hellooo! We are a small family – two Yorkies, a kitty and myself. I am home all day and my dogs are my “kids!” They have me wrapped around their little paws – but I don’t mind, not one bit. :) Both my Yorkies are very well socialized with other dogs and look forward to having a playmate or two to play with. Our home is entirely Yorkie proof – mostly paved though with a bit of soil for them to do their thing. We do ask though that visiting dogs are cat friendly. :)



Dominic & Tonya – Cape Town

Howdy!!  My name is Arnold, on the right and the K9 on the left is Jacob, my “little” brother. I, Arnold am of Greek descent, my brother Jacob is a South African K9. I have a new “little” brother as well – he is a Great Dane and he’s name is Otis (photo to follow). I also have 3 felines in my family. My Dad is away a lot but Mom is home all the time. We have large grounds and we get taken for walks every day. Jacob and I are both young K9′s and full of energy. So we welcome large dogs who want to play, play, play. We would also prefer visiting dogs to be at least semi cat friendly as we would not like our feline siblings to get chased or barked at too much. What we can say is that a holiday with us is one you will never forget because I can guarantee loads of fun, exercise and love. :) :)


Louise – Cape Town

We are a big, happy and friendly family. My husband and my two sons aged 15 and 11 have been involved in Animal Welfare and rescue for years and we have fostered many doggies of all ages. We have 5 dogs, 4 Jack Russell’s and a small cross breed who is my mother hen.

My dogs rule the roost and love having visitors to play with, they all sleep inside the house and have full access to the house even if we are not at home. We have a lovely park to walk in across the road and our property is extremely secure and safe.



Jo – Cape Town

We are a smallish family of 3 humans: daughter aged 10, my husband and myself, as well as 3 pets: Tippex (male Bullterrier), Smudge (male cat) and Scraps (female cat).  We love our animals dearly and have very special relationships with each of them.  The cats have each have their own personal understanding with Tippex.  We’ve had Smudge since he was a kitten and he arrived before Tippex, so he is very easy going and not at all threatened or concerned with Tippex and his antics.


Scrapsy we rescued from the scrap metal bins near our church building and she has been with us since June 2011.  Many of the things Smudge takes for granted – like sitting on laps or cuddles – Scraps still doesn’t allow herself to enjoy.  She does however talk to us a lot, follows us around most of the day, and likes to sleep when and where we sleep.  She does not trust Tippex and makes sure he knows it every chance she gets.  As a result, our big, brave bully is terrified of her.

Tippex just loves playdates so we believe he’ll adore any friend he gets to sleep over for a while.  Since we work from home our animals receive constant attention and enjoy constant companionship.   We would love to share our home with a K9 for a while to give their parents peace of mind and to treat Tippex to a holiday buddy.


Carol – Cape Town

My name is Carol and I live with my husband, Colin and our two Sphynx cats, Caluga and Soso, both of whom are dog friendly. We live on a golf estate just outside Stellenbosch. Although we live on a small property we have access to lovely walks. We have recently lost our much loved French Bulldog, Phoebe, who we miss dearly. She was blind for the last three years of her life which has taught me a valuable lesson of living with a special needs animal. Before she became blind I used the services of K9 Mums therefore I understand the value of such a service. We can’t wait to share some love and cuddles with dogs once more. We don’t plan on adding a dog to our family just yet, but it might be a possibility in the future if we are able to adopt an older Frenchie.

I work from home so am here all day long. My husband walks every morning and I walk in the evening so there is always the possibility of a walk for your special friend! Looking forward to having your precious doggies to stay with us!