In Loving Memory


Note from K9 Mums – Zed was one of our furklients.  Without doubt, this girl touched the lives of many.  She was “pure love” and seemed to know that she was “different” and could not play like the other dogs did.  But when she did get the chance, joy and light would literally exude from within her at the opportunity to just be “normal” albeit it for a short while.  Beautiful, brave Zed, I will never forget you.  xx

Zed’s Mom shares her story:

My dad always told me that you don’t choose a dog – it chooses you… and that’s exactly what happened the day I met Zed – (see attched photos of the night I met Zed).
I was at a friend’s dinner party and one of the guests was a couple of hours late and the food was about to be ruined.  I was in the kitchen telling some story or another and suddenly I heard little voices.  I thought it was kittens at first.  Then Jules entered the room with an armful of 4-week-old pups she’d just rescued from Erste Rivier, the mum had been put to sleep after being deemed too dangerous to rescue and Jules had offered to take on the task of bottle feeding the pups until they were fit for adoption.  She flusteredly handed a bedraggled rat to each of the guests saying ‘here, warm this up!’ and it was then that I was ‘chosen’ by Zed.  I dutifully warmed her up and she nuzzled into my neck and fell asleep.  I knew by the time the dinner was over that I had gained a new family member.
I told my boyfriend when I got home and he protested a bit.  I’d been pleading with him to get a dog for months, maybe years, and he just wasn’t sure as he grew up in an animal-free zone.  But 4 weeks later, I collected Zed and brought her home and when I introduced her to Andrew I could see he was immediately in love!
As the months passed and we’d become a family of three, Zed proved to be a highly intelligent and characterful addition.  We moved into a new house when Zed was 5 months old which is around about the same time that we discovered that she was having health troubles.  She was diagnosed with a ‘congenital heart condition’ and the vet told us that all we could do was to love her and give her the best life we could.  We decided not to dwell on this and had no way of knowing how long, or short, her life would be so we continued as normal while trying to restrict interactions that made her excited.
One year and one day exactly after I collected her and brought her home, it was time to say goodbye again and Zed was put to rest after a week of advanced heart failure.  She left a huge gaping hole in our lives and our house and many of our friends still remember her fondly.
Being new to South Africa, I am always on the lookout for friends to hang with,  and on my walks with Zed I have managed to gain at least 5 very close friendships just from the power of her attraction!
She has taught Andrew much about the animal world that he didn’t know, most of all that love isn’t just an emotion reserved for humans.
In her short little life she touched the hearts of many people in a huge way by being so sweet and kind and vulnerable.  I will always remember her as my best friend.