Our Mission & Purpose







Our Mission:

  • To provide loving and safe holiday homes for dogs on holiday.
  • To always respect every dog’s individual needs and to at all times adhere to the instructions given to us by the dog’s owner in as far as their dog’s personal needs are concerned.
  • To at all times ensure that the K9 Mums who join our team are people who are 100% dedicated to the emotional and physical well being of each dog placed in their care.
  • To offer the best service & customer care to all our clients, whether they have 2 legs or 4.

Our Purpose:

  • To have a hand in making the world a better place for animals and in so doing leaving a higher standard for the next generation to strive for.
  • To reach a level of such magnitude that we will be able to contribute significantly to all animal welfare/rescue organizations nationwide in the form of food, medication, blankets, bricks, cement etc., but mostly, to assist with the sterilization of as many dogs/cats as possible.
  • To establish and incorporate methods of nationwide as well as support those organizations whose primary concern is reducing the animal population explosion and eliminating the birth of millions of unwanted/homeless puppies & kittens.