How it works






Firstly, we will need to interview your pet (firstly via our standard enquiry form and then via a pre visit)  in order to find out his/her personal likes, dislikes, needs etc.  This helps us to determine which home he/she will be best suited to.  Your pet’s individual needs are of paramount importance to us and it is imperative that he/she is matched up with the right K9 Mum for his/her personal requirements.

Secondly, we will investigate to determine which of our K9 Mums is best suited to your pet and whether or not she is available for the dates you require.

Thirdly, once all parties are happy ie:  you, your pet/s, the K9 Mum and her pets then, and only then, do we go ahead with the booking.

All the information that you would supply us with (refer Client Application Forms) regarding your pet’s personal details will be forwarded to your K9 Mum ie feeding times & quantities etc., medication requirements, general routine that your pet is used to, exercise needs, likes, dislikes, good habits, bad habits etc.  Knowing as much as we can about your pet allows the K9 Mum to be well prepared for his/her vacation in their home.  Our K9 Mums are also very careful to follow ALL instructions given them regarding your pet in order to ensure that your pet feels right at home as soon as possible.

Our K9Mums have all been pre-qualified, interviewed and hand-picked.  They are mostly Senior Citizens or Home Executives who are home 90% of the time ensuring that your pet receives five star attention and care.  Their homes have been personally inspected by us for cleanliness and security as far as your pet is concerned.  These special ladies are standing by to offer your pet a loving home for the holidays!