Read what some of our clients have to say!


Max and Cally seem to have had a wonderful time. I was very worried that they’d be a little hectic and frustrated without their daily off-leash run in the forest, but they were really quite calm when I fetched them. When we got to the forest later that day, they didn’t run off like I’d expected them to. I was very impressed with how healthy they looked, and also that they seem to have lost some weight! I think it’s because their K9Mum didn’t give them 70000 treats a day (like we’re prone to do!).

It was wonderful seeing them again, and they were very excited to see me which was nice! They’ve settled back into their routine with ease and they don’t seem at all ruffled by having been away for so long. Their K9Mum sent me pictures almost every day, and she was very happy to WhatsApp me with news about them, which I appreciated!

I’m very happy that this all worked out. It means we can start planning an overseas trip, and know that they’ll be well taken care of. Thanks so much for your help and energy – I’m sure it takes a lot of time to match dogs and families properly!

Justine, Max & Cally



Thank you, our holiday was a welcome break and Roxy had a great time at her K9 Mom! She is wonderful and Roxy had a ball of a time playing with a puppy friend she met there. From now on our holiday planning will be done much easier with the thought of Roxy being sorted and taken care off.


Chole and Juba’s Dad says:

I am extremely pleased with the service I received, lovely to deal with K9 Mums.  My dogs are happy and they slept for two days straight so I knew they had a good time.


Note from Tascha’s Dad:

I reiterate my thanks and appreciation for what you did for Tascha (and us!) and also once again our apologies for Tascha being such a needy baby. That is unfortunately the downside of humans bestowing lots of love on their pets – the more we give, the more dependent on and demanding of it the pets become. But we can’t help it – we just love the old gal to bits and she’s been loving us back for 13 years. Dogs are able to give their love and loyalty without reservation – if more humans were that way the world would be a much kinder place. We’ll definitely want to make use of your services again.


Dear K9MUM,

I would like to say thank you very much for taking such good care of me. I really enjoyed my stay with you.

I felt safe and at home with you. I had sooo much fun running around in your garden. When I felt a little home sick, your hugs, love and tummy scratches made me feel better again.

I am excited to visit you again and looking forward to take time off from my mom too…. But don’t tell her that I like you so much..

I will recommend your home and heart to all my friends and family!

Much love,
Signed: “pawprint”


My husband and I are incredibly grateful to K9mums for looking after Poncho so well. It was reassuring to know that she was being cared for with love and being treated as part of a family. I also valued the regular updates on how she was doing. Poncho says that she had a great time making new friends and that I don’t have to worry next time I need to be away- she will happily stay with her K9mum again!


We recently went away on holiday and I had to find suitable accommodation for our two dogs, Riley and Rocky, in a short period of time. We love them very much and they are a part of our family, so we needed to find a place that would care for them as well as we would at home. Michelle and Charmaine were fantastic and accommodated us almost instantly. We received daily updates and pictures and we were happy that the boys could be at home away from home. They received lots of love and attention and they had some doggy playmates as well. We were happy that the boys enjoyed their little holiday as much as we enjoyed ours. We will definitely be using the K9 Mum service again in future. Thanks Charmaine and family :)


Our 3 month Labrador puppy is our 11 year old daughter’s hearts delight and she was very upset to be away from her puppy over Christmas. From the first contact we got amazing service and peace of mind. Michele took time to reassure Anna and by the time we arrived it felt like we were leaving Melissa with a friend.

Throughout her stay we received photo’s and updates. Melissa always looked well and happy – playing, sleeping and generally being cute. Michele was very understanding about answering endless questions or giving details.

We collected a glossy, relaxed Melissa and all of us felt so good about the entire experience that we are spreading the news far and wide. We now feel like we really do have a home-away-from home for Melissa.

For me K9 Mums means ‘Peace of Mind’.


Thanks very much for your service. The dogs seemed to have enjoyed themselves and are fine. We will definitely use you again in the future

Many thanks.

Skye and Rambo


Hi Michele!  Maja had an excellent vacation!!  Dominic and Tonya were phenomenal and Maja loved their dogs. She seems a bit sad to be home actually! Thanks for everything and until next time!!!

Kind regards,



Dear K9 Mums

Thank you so much for taking such good care of Frank and Bean. They certainly look slim and fit and clearly had a good amount of active play and exercise. Danny and I are so grateful for what you do…..it just takes so much stress away from us and we appreciate that so much.

Best regards



Yes, he had a wonderful time.  Thank you for your help and we are so glad he was with Dominic & Tonya. He came back looking amazing and very happy. Our renovations aren’t done yet, but we have moved in. Chaos still, but happy to be with the animals again!

Kind regards,



Hi there :)

Jessie was fantastic and came back happy and filthy which meant she had a fantastic time! I will definitely use you guys again when I go away and recommend you to others!



Hi Michelle

Jingles had a great time :) she made new friends and seems to have loved her time there! I will definitely use you services again.

Thanks and kind regards


Hi Michele
Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you and your team, especially Dominic and Tonya for taking such good care with our dogs. Your service was brilliant! I cannot recommend you highly enough. Right from the very first email, you were prompt in getting back to me and in carefully selecting a suitable home away from home for our dogs.
The dogs had a fantastic time with Otus and co and we subsequently had a great holiday knowing that our dogs were being well looked after. Big thanks to you, Dominic and Tonya! And of course their dogs for being so patient with our dogs and keeping them company :)
We will definitely use your services again, that is if Otus will have Milo back to bug him all day to play!!
Many thanks, Wendy, Richard, Milo and Sandy



I want to let you know that Zanmari is WONDERFUL and Charlie had a whale of a time and was looked after extremely well and I will leave him with her should the need arise again without any hesitation! She is a super K9 Mum!!! I must just add that I think Charlie exhausted her 3 pooches and not them exhausting him as we hoped – as the little man has energy galore! But overall it was a pleasant experience for both of us as we were both happy during our separation! (I hope he wasn’t too much & too much of a hassle for Zanmari?!).

Thanks again for the great service you & your group offer!!! And as far as I’ve been I have been promoting this service!




Hi Michelle!

JP had a great time!  He is so calm after his holiday! Our vacation was a well deserved one thanks! Always nice catching up with family and friends.  Once again thank you for helping us out! We will definitely use K9 mums in the future.
Keep up the good work!

Best Regards
Yolandi and JP


Hi Michele

Yes, everything went very well and Layla was very happy. We had a lovely weekend too.

Thank you so much



Hi Michelle, Rykie and Tags had a wonderful time!  Thank you again for all your help in organizing at the last minute. I’ll definitely be in touch next time we need to go away, only with more advance warning.








Hi Michele,

Jack had a blast and blended in very well with Dominic and Tonja’s four legged family. Who would think that a Great Dane and a Bull Terrier can be such good friends and sleep next to each other on the same bed? When I went to pick him up, he pretty much ignored me as Tonja was playing fetch with him at the time.

We will most definitely use your fantastic service again and I will giveyou a glowing review at Jack’s next dog school meeting (all the handlerslove the idea and are waiting on feedback). You run a tight ship andDominic and Tonja are brilliant with animals.  Jack clearly had as much love there as he gets at home.

Thanks again.
The Nels


Hi Michele

I definitely think they did enjoy their holiday :-) . They were both in good condition and are very happy to be at home now.

Thanks you so much – this is a much better idea than taking dogs to kennels!



Everything was just fantastic for us and Tienkie.  Thanks a lot for everything. The fact that we know Tienkie is well looked after makes us enjoy the holiday so much more




Hi Michele

Thank you so much for the follow up.

The pups had a lovely time and came home all happy.  They have settled into their ‘new’ environment brilliantly, much better than Holly!

Am sure you will be hearing from us again when phase two of the building works start, phew, and then a holiday afterwards.  Renovations and building are not for the faint hearted.  Have a lovely week.


Hi Michelle

I am actually still on holiday, will be back home on the 9th. Am sure they had a lovely time though! I was update whenever I asked about the puppies, & was even sent a few pics at my request. Thank you for a lovely service, I would love to use it again if I need to leave my puppies.




Hi Michele

Yes, she enjoyed it very much! I would definitely recommend K9mums and make use of your services again.

Kind regards



Hi Michele -

Thanks for your mail. Simon has settled in very well and by all accounts had a fun-filled vacation of his own. We are really happy with how everything worked out and will certainly hope to work with K9 Mums again!



Hello from the Trio + 1

All is well with the world. My hairy children are home and well and happy. It’s like it never happened. So strange. They just pick up from where they left off.

It’s so great to get them back so relaxed and in such good condition. Forget sending them to the kennel. That’s just never going to happen.

Thank-you for being SO accommodating over such a long period of time! You really are an angel in disguise. It was wonderful to have such peace of mind and to know that they were receiving all the love they needed. Even OCD Jack is himself, which says a lot!

I’m sure we’ll use your service again and I’ve told anyone who’ll listen for long enough about how fabulous you are.

Thank-you from the bottom, top and sides of my heart!




Hi Michele,

All well on our side, thank you.

When I dropped Misha off she pulled at leash with wagging tail so it’s become a bit like her second home!

I am hoping to not have to do more travelling for a while, but it’s great to know that K9 Mums is there if I need help again.




Dear Michele

Toi is doing great, he had an awesome stay, he said he loved the walks and he misses the landlady’s daughters that spoilt him.  He has a girlfriend named Tame and he promised her to take her on holiday to K9Mums.

Please tell the landlady he will bring her dates and biltong from Namaqualand on his next visit to Cape Town.

Roxanne ___________________________________________________________________________________________


Testimonial from Bow Wow:

(with K9 Mums for 9 months!)  :)

‘When my owners went overseas, I had a pawesome time with my K9 Mum. We went walking ever day and had lots of cuddles. It was fun to have new doggy playmates too. I really felt as though I was part of their family. My owners were delighted to receive frequent news and pictures of me. When I was reunited with my owners they thought that my manners had improved and said that it was as though I’d gone to puppy finishing school! I am a very active, communicative dog and would have found a kennel so distressing. I’m so thankful that my owners chose to leave me in the safe, loving, ball throwing hands of K9 Mums.’

Thanks again for everything that you did.

Much love, Lucie xxx ____________________________________________________________________________________________


Hi Michelle, going away is so much easier knowing that Mickey is so happy with his “other mother” as it is like his home from home.






“Last minute plans during the festive season found me searching desperately for safe and loving lodgings for my two beloved Wire Haired Terriers Butch and Beans. K9 Mums came to our rescue.  I was very pleased with their service especially as they made such an effort to accommodate us during their busiest time. Butch and Beans were happy when I fetched them and seemed to have been well cared for.  Thank you! I will definitely be using the K9 Mum service again in future.”


My name is Jean-Marie. When I found out I was going to have to go away for ten days, and leave my baby girl Ava at home panic struck. I knew that I would only be satisfied with a place that would be a substitute home for her whille I am away. Thats when I found K9mums. I immediatly phoned, and was so relieved when I heard a kind, loving voice.

Hey my name is Ava!

I am a 10 month old girly Yorkie, set in my own ways. I am in need of constant attention, and I love to share whatever my mommy is eating and her bed pillow.

My K9mum was the absolute BEST!!! Not only was she kind, loving, caring and understanding, but she took me for walks two times a day, she let me sleep next to her on the pillow, and gave me lots of love and treats all day long. She made me feel right at home, and I will never forget how great she was at being my substitute Mommy!

I want to thank the K9mum Michele, from the bottom of my heart for looking so well after my little girl! Your truly worth every cent!


My yorkies Rusty and Jessie are like my children…so when it comes to finding them an “alternate home” whilst I am away I can become a very specific and strict pet owner. My 2 are used to plenty of TLC and fun times so less than this is definitely not acceptable. Upon searching for many months for the perfect “home away from home”, I came across the K9 Mums website. I have one word to describe the dealings I had with K9Mums following my email enquiry : WOW! I was totally blown away by how specific and detailed they were regarding the details they required from me – at a point I was concerned we would not “pass” the test! :) Each of my dogs were treated as unique pets with their own likes, dislikes and habits – it was wonderful to come across pet-sitters who really cared about those details. The demeanour of R&J was the proof we needed when we collected them after their 1st stay with the pet-sitter. They were calmer than we had ever experienced them to be – I even wondered if they were’nt mad with me for ending their “holiday”…which i truly believe they were having. :)
I cannot thank K9 Mums enough for the fabulous way they looked after Rusty & Jessie. I feel like we have truly found their “home away from home”! :)



Dear K9Mums. Thank you so much for looking after Lucy so well while she was with you, she was obviously very spoilt and loved every minute of her time with you. She came home looking wonderful. Finding you, I now feel I will be able to travel more and leave my precious little dog with you. Also thank you so much for keeping in touch with me, via e-mail, while I was overseas, together with the photos of Lucy in your garden with her new friends! Much love, Lucy



I had to go away when my dog Cesar was a very small puppy. He was only 8 weeks old and needed special care. Michele made me feel so comfortable about leaving Cesar with her. I went away knowing that my puppy was having a good time in a lovely home, playing with other dogs and being walked regularly. Michele gave me regular updates on how Cesar was doing. This really helped me to feel at ease. I would highly recommend the service K9 Mums provides – it is by far the best way to make sure your pet will be well looked after while you are away.



My husband and I were delighted when we came across K9mums and the professional services they offer. We were planning a weekend away and required accommodation for our furbabies, 14 month old Phoenix and 9 week old Phoebe. We were apprehensive considering the extra care Phoebe would require, given her age, but K9mums were willing to take care of her.

We knew we were on the right track when we consulted the informative website and received a prompt response further to our enquiry.

The application forms to be completed were confirmation that K9mums have the best interests of your pets at heart and provided us with the assurance that Phoenix and Phoebe would be well looked after.

K9mums were easily contactable and the necessary arrangements were made without any hassle.
Phoenix and Phoebe were warmly received upon arrival and introduced to the other furkids. We knew that they would receive the highest care…and a little spoiling, which immediately set us at ease.
When we collected Phoenix and Phoebe, it was clear that they had a great time: they were exhausted from all the playing and slept most of the day! We highly recommend K9mums to anyone looking for good accommodation, excellent care and peace of mind when their furbabies are unable to go away with them.  We will definitely make use of their services again in future.
Warm regards
Natalie and Julian


More happy K9Mums’ Furklients! Meet Arnie and Jacob! :)

The 3 months spent at Charmaine and the family was fantastic. They welcomed both of us into their home and treated us like one of the family even allowing us to sleep on the sofa. They fed us very well and cared for our wellbeing every day. Everyone in the family, especially Charmaine and the kids, really made our stay so happy, and they always played with us and really loved us. We still miss them all after being home for a month, and we would love to visit and/or stay awhile again with our “very own K9 Family” in Somerset West.

Kind regards,
Arnie and Jacob.



Another happy K9 Mums client. :) )

Hi Michele. We just picked Tiekie up and we are stunned with how happy and beautiful he looks. We are so pleased and feel completely comfortable to let Tiekie stay with K9 Mums again. Thank you so much and we will definitely contact you again next time for him to stay you! Best regards Yolande and Tiekie



Testimonial from a K9 Mums’ Furklient, OSCAR !!

So my Dad was going on this trip to Europe for two weeks, but he nearly had a nervous breakdown looking for a place to stay for me. We haven’t been apart for a couple of years, you see – and I told him I absolutely refuse to go to a kennel.

I was convinced that there had to be a place where a dog with standards can go to take a break from his owner. So I told him to Google, Google and Google again. Luckily he found K9 Mums… I mean, they were so fussy I had to go for an interview to Michele! (What she didn’t know is that Dad and I interviewed her as well and that on our way back from my so-called interview I told Dad that I thought she passed admirably).

So anyway, I stayed there. It was a lovely break with super walks and I’m a little bit sorry that it’s over. If I can only get Dad to walk me twice a day like Michele, but he’s just too damned lazy!
All of which is a round-about way of saying that I’d heartily recommend K9 Mums to any dog that needs a break from his or her owner.PS: What do you think of my photo? To be quite honest, I am fully convinced that I am the most fabulously gorgeous K9 that I have ever met. LickOscar from Edgemead


“I have always appreciated the peace of mind which accompanies leaving my Westie with a caring person or family when going away. He is a very dear member of my family and I would not feel comfortable leaving him in kennels. I always am really impressed by how relaxed and comfortable he has become with his surrogate family when I collect him after his stay. I would recommend K9Mums highly.”  Gus says: “We Westies know what we want and are gorgeous enough to get it!”


“Being able to send my miniature Dachshund Terrance to K9Mums has been such a pleasure! We always say that when I go on vacation, Terrance is going on vacation too! In fact, he has so much fun he doesn’t want to come home! He always comes back healthy, happy, and full of spunk! The ladies who have looked after him really have played the part of his mom while I am away and I will always send him to K9Mums whenever I go away!”  Tarryn, Cape Town , South Africa


Susie says: Isn’t this more fun than sitting in a kennel?


K9Mums offer a unique service, which provides you and your pets with complete peace of mind. The family environment allows the pets to continue their (often too luxurious) usual lifestyle and daily routine. Our dogs Lola & Polo (5 month old puppies at the time) were left in the care of K9Mums for two weeks and they returned home happy, obedient and healthy as if they’d never left.  It is great to know that when we need to get away for a weekend or holiday, we can leave our dogs in a familiar environment with familiar people. K9Mums go out of their way to make your travels pleasant and worry-free, as they should be. Their attention to detail and obvious concern for your pet’s well being is both refreshing and reassuring.  Ian, Cape Town, South Africa.

Thank you for being a ‘home-from-home’ to our beloved 4-legged children!  I can only recommend K9Mums to anybody who cannot bear to let their pets go to an impersonal regular kennel while they are away.  At K9Mums I know that my dog, Chokkie, gets the same attention and loving care that he receives at home, his usual food and complete safety while he is allowed to sleep indoors.  K9Mums are truly devoted animal lovers, allowing us to go on holiday with absolute peace of mind.  With kind regards and gratitude.   Joan, Sedgefield, South Africa 

Marion, Cape Town , South Africa

Thanks Michele for providing an alternative to kennels for our loved ones when we are away. It’s great to know that Milton was part of a family while I was away. It’s also a matter of finding the right fit – the first K9Mum we tried was sweet but Milton wasn’t happy there. The second lady and her kids and animals were a great fit and Milton was happy as anything!  Thanks.  

Milton says: “As a senior dog, I hate it when my mom goes away – it disrupts my comfortable routine no end. But when I stayed with Jenny, there was this cute little girl dog that made me forget I’m 100. We had a lot of fun and I even improved my appetite. I also nearly forgot to miss my mom!”

“We were very happy with the way “Cassie” enjoyed her holiday, while we were away enjoying ours in Italy last year July.  We will definitely use your company again when the need arises.”   Kim, Cape Town, South Africa

 Cassie says: Life is a frizbee! 

Have used K9Mums for a number of years now and would not be comfortable using any other accommodation for my precious Pug.  She is treated royally and with lots of care and love.  The administration of the company is first class too and I would recommend it to anyone who loves their pet/s. Best wishes. Alyson, Cape Town , South Africa 

We were very happy with our little dog’s stay with your home branch in Fish Hoek a while back. Unfortunately though at 17 plus little Wags has moved on to doggie heaven and although our family tell us that there is something missing in our home we are not planning to get another pet at the moment. Good wishes.Pat , Cape Town , South Africa   

We made use of your service several times in 2002 and 2003. The 2 Mom’s we used were in Somerset West.  They were both very good Moms. Our dog, an old Italian greyhound, was looked after very well and made to feel part of the family. He was treated as if he was the Moms own dog. Pucci had to receive daily medication for fits and both the Moms were reliable in giving him his medicine.  Pucci seemed to have adjusted well and was in a good condition physically and emotionally when we collected him. I found both of them very friendly and caring and would recommend either of them with ease.  Linda Muller, Cape Town, South Africa.

An excellent foster home for a special pet who is accustomed to a family environment and attention.  Noel, Cape Town, South Africa

“Hey we now have two moms!”

 On a recent trip to Cape Town we needed accommodation for our two Jack Russell’s, Jack & Russell, as the hotel we were staying at for a period of our holiday in Cape Town didn’t take pets. We were so pleased to find out about K9Mums,who looked after Jack & Russell and enabled us to be flexible in taking our 2 little doggies down to Cape Town on holiday with us. On picking up J&R we found them to be happy, well fed and enjoying their own little holiday. We were so pleased we were able to find an alternative to a kennel and recommend K9Mums to anyone who needs a safe, reliable and friendly option to look after their beloved pets.  Lance, Cape Town, South Africa

“My experience with K9Mums has been most beneficial for both me & Amanda, my Maltese Poodle. When I go away on business or holiday I book her in at Jenny’s for the duration. The care & attention by K9Mums has always been outstanding & is much better than kennels”  Marijke, Cape Town, South Africa

The whole approach of K9Mums is very professional – a great many details about the pet are required to ensure it has a safe and happy stay – its routine, food, name of vet in case of an emergency etc. – all of which make the pet’s owner feel that the pet is in good hands.  Of course an extra bonus for us was that you e-mailed us those lovely photos of Susie – it gave us such a thrill to receive them – thanks very much again.  Jill, Cape Town , South Africa 

Dusty says:  “The postman’s been, no squirrels about, so time for my nap in the pot.  I enjoyed my stay and was thoroughly spoilt!  I was allowed to sleep on the bed!”  Faye & James, Cape Town