Who is K9Mums?







K9 Mums was founded by sisters Michele De Bruin & Charmaine Rolfe in October 1994. Our service provides an alternative to kenneling by arranging for dogs to be accommodated in private homes, personally and lovingly cared for by their K9 Mum.

Why did we start this business?

We started this business out of pure frustration at never knowing what to do with our own dogs when we wanted to go away on holiday. How nice it would be to send them to another home/family as opposed to a kennel or leaving them at home alone to be visited once or twice a day by a friend or family member. Not to mention the imposition of asking friends or family to look after our pets. One never really wants to do that, but there are instances when one has no choice. As a result, K9Mums was born in October 1994.

What do animals mean to us?

Our birth certificates were stamped ‘animal lovers above and beyond the call of duty’.  It was inevitable that we would end up starting a business along these lines. These furry friends are a true passion in our hearts.

Our dogs are not ‘just dogs’ to us, they are our fluffy children, furkids, little people running around in fur coats. We believe that they experience all the same emotions, wants and needs that humans do and therefore need to be treated with the utmost respect and care.  We firmly believe too that animals are God’s gift to humankind, put here so that we can learn from them the most important lesson of all – unconditional love.

Animals are always loving, patient, loyal, trusting, not proud or rude, not easily angered, always hoping, always happy, always forgiving, and always so totally loyal in their love, which they have absolutely no trouble in showing. Their hearts are always wide open with nothing but affection, adoration and smiles written all over their little faces.  Their wagging tails are constant reminders of the love and trust in their hearts.  They never look back, keep no record of wrongs and just keep on going till the end. Imagine if all humans were like this, what a wonderful place this world would be!

What is our service all about?

We offer a home-away-from-home facility for ‘dogs on holiday’. This means that once each dog’s personal needs have been established, via our standard enquiry form, he/she will be placed with a K9Mum who is able to meet his/her requirements.

This ensures complete peace of mind for you as well as a happy holiday for your pet where he/she will enjoy the opportunity of becoming part of the family, having the run of the house and garden and being totally loved and spoilt!

We keep strictly to the routine that each dog is accustomed to and encourage you to bring their blankies, baskets, toys – in fact anything that will make them feel comfortable and at ease right away.

We and our K9 Mums are dedicated to the health and happiness of each and every one of our 4-legged clients.